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Your Coaches

Ginelle Barry


Over the last two decades, through her bookkeeping and consulting company, Smart Change, Ginelle has helped thousands of small businesses succeed, with her incredibly quick bookkeeping skills, sharp financial strategies, and genuine care for the heart of the entrepreneur. 

After co-founding Table and Well Co. three years ago, she has spent her days consulting and crunching numbers - and nights as a relational health coach, helping people grow in joy, identity, belonging and maturity. 

It is in the birth of Valiant Entrepreneur, that her brilliance in business, passion for the hearts of people, and deep belief in the simple gospel, has been given full freedom to converge.


Tennison Barry


As a trauma informed, certified Relational Health Coach and pastor, Tennison has over 25 years of experience shaping the lives of others and helping people, of all ages, discover and live with confidence and renewed hope.

In 2019, Tennison co-founded Table and Well Co., where people, of all ages, can learn and grow in relational health, maturity, and deep connection with God, themselves, and others, through practical relational skills and community building. He continues to invest his days creating opportunities for people, across the world, to be gathered, seen, heard, and known and experience joy that transforms.


Abby Minihan

As a former professional soccer player and collegiate coach of 15+ years, Abby has gained experience and knowledge from her playing and coaching career. She is drawn to connecting leaders to targeted information, helping them receive meaningful and transformative growth.

She has a great active listening style, which helps people feel understood, heard and valuable. Abby's expertise is working with decision makers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and environments where metrics and performance matter. She is a certified strengths coach with CoreClarity, Inc. 



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Our Story

Proverbs 31 women are far more than good wives and moms, they are skilled, strong, wise women of valor who are brilliant wives and mothers AND powerful business and thought leaders, in their community, and in the marketplace. There has rarely been a place for such women to gather, because they have gone unrecognized in the faith community for who they are, and what they carry. 

For almost three decades I have been dismissed, devalued, and disregarded as a business woman, all while building a multi-six-figure figure company from scratch, and alone. I know far too many women who share the same story. Enough is enough. 

So in Spring of 2021, I gathered a handful of powerful business women, to spend intentional time asking each other about where God was actively at work in our businesses, share the real and the raw of being a mom/wife/business woman, and listen to God, on each other’s behalf, right on the call, for direction, wisdom, strategy, peace, courage, whatever. 

Week after week, the calls leave us speechless and more often than not, in tears. And it is far too powerful to not share. Every Kingdom driven business woman, and man for that matter, should have a place like this to belong, and develop the skill of tuning right into the heart of Jesus for them and their business.

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